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Wellness at Work is no longer a 'Nice to Have'

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Wellness at Work is no longer a 'Nice to Have'

Wellness at Work is no longer just nice to have; it's necessary for maintaining good corporate reputation and a healthy, efficient workforce.

By TEN Staff Writer
January 30, 2018

With more employees speaking out and demanding fairness and equity at work, a new Canadian multi-dimensional workplace wellness system may be the corporate world's solution to improving how well we get along with each other and experience our workplaces.

The recent "Me Too" movement has been empowering more employees to speak out about issues of emotional, mental, physical, and sexual mistreatment at work. This new movement has many organization leaders wondering what they can do to promote employees' well-being, but also to protect corporate reputation. Some studies reveal that half of all North Americans have been affected by workplace bullying, noting that there is a correlation between bullying and the increasing rate of emotional stress and diseases.

The Wellness Improvement System® (WIS@WORK) Model released by Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., offers a multi-prong approach that helps employers address change and innovation, Millennial engagement, as well as emotional, mental, and relational well-being. This global wellness system approach is very timely as it will help organizations systemize their processes and procedures. Joyce Odidison, President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and creator of the wellness system, was interviewed and featured in Fast Company, a well-known global online magazine, on the Future of Workplace Wellness.

According to Odidison, "The goal of releasing the competency-based wellness system is to ensure that employees are safe at work, and help employers get a bigger perspective on wellness. People must work, but no one should be forced to work in a tense and unhappy environment that affects their mental and emotional well-being". The company's multi-dimensional framework provides a competency-based roadmap for corporate wellness system design, that addresses both organization and employee enhancements.

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